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Office Buildings

 A clean work environment is essential for a productive and motivated staff. A clean building also shows potential clients and current customers that your company takes pride in itself and that you care about your business. 

Here are some of the office building cleaning services we offer include:

  • Office building cleaning on a routine basis, one time cleanings for events and post construction cleanup.

  • Special floor cleanings including hardwoods and carpet shampooing.

  • Hard floor treatments, polishing, and buffing.

  • Kitchens, cafeterias, bathrooms, conference rooms, offices and any other working space.

  • Window cleaning both inside and outside.

  • Sanitization including bathroom, kitchens, door handles, light switches, telephones and work surfaces.

  • Furniture cleaning including dusting and upholstery.

  • Removal of waste and emptying of trash containers and waste baskets for pickup.

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