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Home Cleaning Services

You live a busy life, have family commitments and work long hours. The last thing you want to do is come home and clean. Well thanks to our team, you don't have too. 


Our trusted cleaners will help you maintain a safe healthy clean environment for those you love. That enjoyable welcoming space you can be proud of calling home. 


Hire us-for a one time cleaning, weekly, bi weekly, monthly — choose what works best for you. 

We provide 2 types of residential cleaning packages to meet your needs (Standard & Deluxe).

Plus, you can customize your cleaning package by adding any of our extra services:

  • Refrigerator, Oven, & Cabinet Interior Cleaning

  • Clean & Organize Your Pantry Areas

  • Laundry Services Onsite

  • Dishwashing Services (FREE with Deluxe Package)

  • Dust, Sweep & Mop Those Added Areas (Garage & Patio)

  • Interior Window Cleaning (FREE with Deluxe Package)

  • Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Home Power Washing

Standard Cleaning Package 

Our Standard Cleaning was design to provide you with a thorough cleaning of your home focusing on your sleeping areas and bathrooms. Give you that fresh clean smell and tidiness your home desires. 

Deluxe Cleaning Package

Our Deluxe Cleaning provides you with a detailed cleaning of your living areas. We clean under every rug, your home's interior windows, dishwashing services, and spent that extra time needed vacuuming your furniture & high traffic areas to remove all pet hair. Great package for Pet Home Owners & those in need of a Spring Cleaning. 

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